Harvey M. Haber, Q.C., LSM, is an expert Chartered Mediator in Toronto in the Province of Ontario, having completed numerous successful mediations.

As part of the Mediation process, Harvey, an experienced Toronto Mediator, draws up a detailed Mediation Agreement between the parties which sets out the Mediation guidelines. Harvey explains the Toronto Mediation process and listens attentively to both parties and to their solicitors. Harvey has been able to successfully settle many mediations.

His sense of humor has been an asset in all of his mediations which helps set the tone to amicably settle the dispute. His commitment to assist the parties is evident throughout his mediations.

His courtesy to the parties and to their counsel is much appreciated by all involved.

Several of his books on Commercial Leasing include detailed information on Mediation. Harvey is an accredited mediator in Conflict Resolution.

$599 Flat Rate Mediation! HST Included!