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Harvey M. Haber, Q.C. , LSM,   J.D., C. Med., C. Arb., one of Canada’s foremost leasing experts, is backed by more than 40 years of experience in all aspects of commercial leasing in Toronto and Ontario.



Harvey’s reputation as being fair and knowledgeable has led landlords, tenants and lawyers to request him for their cases. He has the ability to successfully manage the varied interests of landlords and tenants with his detailed knowledge and extensive experience within commercial leasing. He provides strategic advice to landlords and tenants in Toronto or across Canada in the commercial, industrial, retail and warehouse leasing field.



He is well-renowned for his mediation, arbitration and experience in alternative dispute resolution (ADR).  Harvey has conducted well over 100 mediations and numerous arbitrations. Harvey is both a Chartered Mediator and a Chartered Arbitrator in every field Including, commercial leasing whether it be restaurant leasing in Toronto, retail leasing in Toronto, or office leasing in Toronto.



Harvey is now focusing more of his time on Mediation and Arbitration. If you require Harvey’s skill as a mediator or arbitrator, call Marjorie Coe at COE ADR Management at 416 363 2977 or email her at [email protected]  and she will set up an appointment for you with Harvey, whether it be a landlord or tenant oriented matter, or any other matter.

As a mediator, Harvey’s goal is to bring the parties together and provide a strong incentive to settle the matter. He develops instructions to map out how the mediation will be conducted, and then allows the lawyers to present their cases and give the parties the opportunity to present their position and speak as well. As a mediator, Harvey goes back and forth between the parties to help them settle on a monetary figure, to help them avoid costly litigation.



Harvey is the author/editor of 14 books (soon to be 15) on commercial leasing; all of which are used by the legal profession as well as by the courts, and are written in laymanese to enable small business owners or entrepreneurs to also benefit from his years of experience. It is not unusual to have someone come up to Harvey to thank him for one of his books and state, “I consider this book my Bible. I keep it open on my desk and use it all the time!”

Harvey served as Editor-In-Chief in creating and organizing one of the most notable books in the commercial leasing industry – Shopping Centre Leases (now in its second edition) a compendium of critically acclaimed articles written by 41 outstanding commercial leasing practitioners from across Canada.

All of his books are listed below…



Harvey has developed a reputation as a dynamic, knowledgeable and much sought-after lecturer, panelist, chairperson, course leader and keynote speaker, based on his ability to discuss a wide range of topics related to commercial leasing issues.

He has spoken at numerous conferences, presentations, roundtable discussions and other events across Canada and the United States, including The Law Society of Upper Canada, the Canadian and Ontario Bar Associations, the Retail Council of Canada, the International Council of Shopping Centers and the Canadian Bar Association. Harvey has also lectured across Canada and the United States on a wide range of related commercial leasing topics, such as, retail, restaurant, office and warehouse.

Perhaps more impressively, Harvey learned his lecturing skills from the late Milton R. Friedman, one of the foremost educators and authors in the United States on commercial leasing. He helped Harvey to develop a style that has made him in demand as a speaker and expert in commercial leasing.



  • Retail, Office and Industrial Leasing in Toronto
  • Lease and Contract Interpretation in Toronto
  • Mediation and Arbitration in Toronto
  • Dispute Resolution in Toronto



Harvey has received several prestigious awards in recognition of his contributions to the legal profession and the field of commercial leasing, and has been recognized for his achievements and experience in the commercial leasing industry as follows:

  • Selected to be included in the 2016 Edition of The Best Lawyers in Canada – practice area of commercial leasing in Real Estate Law;
  • International Mediation Institute Certified Mediator appointed on January 31, 2011;
  • Chartered Arbitrator, appointed March, 2009 by the ADR Institute of Canada.
  • The prestigious Osgoode Hall Law School Alumni Gold Key Award for exceptional professional achievement in his field (2005);
  • The Law Society Medal for Outstanding Service that reflects the highest ideals within the legal profession – The Law Society of Upper Canada’s highest honour awarded June 6, 2002;
  • Chartered Mediator, appointed April 6, 2000 by the ADR Institute of Canada.
  • The Award for Distinguished Service – the Ontario Bar Association’s top honour, December 8, 2000;
  • Roster Mediator, Ontario Mandatory Mediation Program – Toronto, since November 30, 1998;
  • Named as one of Canada’s most frequently recommended property leasing lawyers by the Canadian Legal LEXPERT Directory, and listed in the LEXPERT/American Lawyer Guide to the Leading 500 Lawyers in Canada, 1997 – 2015;
  • Appointed a Queen’s Counsel by the Province of Ontario, 1978.



Author of:

  • The Commercial Lease: A Practical Guide (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Edition 2013)
  • Landlord’s Rights and Remedies in a Commercial Lease: A Practical Guide
  • Understanding the Commercial Agreement to Lease (1st and 2nd Edition)

Editor of:

  • Shopping Centre Leases (1st and 2nd Edition)
  • Tenant’s Rights and Remedies in a Commercial Lease: A Practical Guide (1st and 2nd Edition)
  • Distress: A Commercial Landlord’s Remedy
  • Assignment, Subletting and Change of Control in a Commercial Lease: A Practical Guide

Editor-in-Chief of:

  • Repair and Storage Liens Act: A Practical Guide, 2012
  • Shopping Centre Leases (1st and 2nd Edition)



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